Reviewing institute

1. Reviewing Organization.

1.1. All scientific articles submitted to the editorial Board of the scientific journal "Vestnik of Mari State University. Series: Agricultural science. Economic Sciences" (hereinafter – Vestnik) must be reviewed.

1.2. The Editor-in-chief determines the article to the journal profile, requirements for registration; the Executive Secretary sends it for a review.

1.3. All reviewers are recognized experts and have for the last 3 years publications on the subject of peer-reviewed materials.

1.4. Reviewing is double blind, i.e. neither the author nor the reviewer can see the names of each other. The editors of the journal send the authors of articles copies of the reviews or justification for refusal.

1.5. The positive review is not sufficient grounds for the publication of the article. Editor-in-chief takes the final decision on publication.

1.6. After acceptance by the Editorial Board the decision on the admission of article for publication, the Executive Secretary of the Vestnik informs the author about it and specifies publication terms. The text of the review is sent to the author by e-mail or regular mail.

1.7. The originals of reviews are kept in Editorial office of the Vestnik within 5 years from the date of publication. The editors are also responsible for sending copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on receipt of a request for it.

2. Requirements to the content of the review.

2.1. The review should include a qualified analysis of the article material, objective reasoned assessment and reasonable recommendations.

2.2. The review covers the following issues:

– whether the content of the article stated in the title, how the article corresponds to modern achievements of scientific and theoretical thought;

– the availability of the article to the readers for which it is designed, from the point of view of language, style and arrangement of the material, clarity of tables, diagrams, figures and formulas;

– whether it is appropriate to publish the article based on previously published on the subject of literature;

– what exactly are the positive aspects and shortcomings of the article, what corrections and additions need to be made by the author.

2.3. The final part of the review should contain conclusions about the article as a whole and a clear recommendation about the advisability of its publication in the Vestnik (recommended, recommended with the corrections noted by the reviewer or not recommended the article for publication in the journal) on a particular scientific the direction corresponding to the nomenclature of scientific specialties approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.

Review of the article in the journal "Vestnik of Mari State University. Series: Agricultural science. Economic science"

1. Title of the article

2. The relevance of the study

3. The novelty of the research

4. Practical significance of the research


6. The article is recommended / not recommended for publication in the journal "Vestnik of Mari State University. Series: Agricultural science. Economic science"